Matt O'Connor

Hi, I'm Matt, a multi-disciplinary designer with over 15 years of creative experience.
I’m a big believer in crafting experiences which are both beautifully executed and intuitively functional.  Having extensive experience in creating engaging interfaces for the games industry, I have a real love for visual storytelling and immersive interaction design.  
In my downtime i'm usually working on personal illustrations & artwork or tinkering away with logos, motion & interactive experiments. Failing that... reading old sci-fi, writing basslines or perfecting my jump shot. 
If you'd like to chat about working together, drop me a line at matt [at]
Art Direction • User Interface Design & Development • User Experience Design & Prototyping • Branding • Motion Design • Illustration • Website Design • Creative Visual Design • Print & Package Design
Freestyle Games / Activision • Clockwork Monkey Studios • Codemasters • Ratbag Games • TripleZero • Inprint Design